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  • Schedule your appointment for Abhyanga full body massage in Rishikesh, India provided by Sushumana, the Ayurveda school. This full body massage treatment therapy offers relaxation & blood circulation in whole body stimulating every muscle. Providing strength to your body while enhancing circulatory system. This full body massage procedure exercises with either sesame or coconut oil combined with medicinal properties to start from scalp to feet while giving light pressure & strokes. Best massage to rejuvenate the whole body.
Full body Massage

Abhyanga; the Best Massage Treatment for Human Body

Abhyanga is a well-known natural therapy for treatment of body pain, lazyness, and fatigue. The procedure involves head to toe massage of the recipient’s body with medicated herbal oils. It is the process that energies body while balancing tri-doshas in human body. One will feel more connected to body and feel incredibly one with the soul and mind.

Why Choose Abhyanga Full Body Massage Therapy?

Abhyanga is processed with exclusive massage strokes on upper body and downward on your body limbs. While the joints are massaged in a circular motion to maximize the absorption of oil in your body. Generally, circular strokes are given in clock wise direction. The particularity of these massage strokes is significant to bring strength in your body, rejuvenate the tissues and increase flexibility of joints. Overall, you can rely on abhyanga to enhance your stamina. 

Abhyanga Therapy

How Abhyanga Full Body Massage Treatment is Carried Out?

The ayurvedic massage therapy is carried out with oils prepared by mixing herbs in base oils such as coconut oil and sesame oil. Generally, Abhyanga is carried out with warm oil during winter season. The prepared oil with medicinal property is applied from the scalp of your head to the feet and massaging is done with light yet effective strokes.

What are the Benefits Abhyanga Full Body Massage Treatment?

Nobody wants to see effect of aging in his or her body, right? Well, Abhyanga is a powerful ayurvedic therapy to slow down the procedure of aging. Your body may look young and attractive for long if you undergo this procedure regularly under supervision of an ayurvedic doctor. Additional benefits of this ayurvedic massage are as follows –

  • Helps in lubrication of joints
  • Relief body pain
  • Helpful to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Brings mental and physical relation
  • Nourishes body tissues and muscles 
  • Enhances core strength

1000 INR per person

Duration: 60 Minutes (As Per Ayurvedic Doctor’s advice)

Abhyanga Full Body Massage Treatment, when carried out by an expert physician of ayurveda can do wonders to help you reducing stress, producing healthy mind stimulating deep tissues providing flexibility to the body that helps in insomnia and sleep related issues.

5 Days Abhyanga Full Body Massage Course in Rishikesh, India

If someone would like to learn the Abhyanga Full Body Massage Treatment Therapy: –

  • 5 Days Abhyanga course
  • Duration - 2 Hour/day
  • Cost - 12000 INR