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  • Sushumana Ayurveda School offers Udvarthanam or Udwarthanam dry body massage therapy in Rishikesh, India. Udwarthanam, dry deep body massage therapy with Herbal powder helps in treating obesity, treating dull skin yet incredible treatment for people struggling with chest or back pain. The dry massage made of herbs and grain helps in providing strength to the body. Udwarthanam massage therapy exercises in total 7 body position as directed by Ayurveda Specialist. With numerous benefits, Udwarthanam treatment therapy helps in rejuvenating body cells while providing radiant skin. Book your appointment today for Udwarthanam Therapy with Sushumana.
Herbal Powder Massage

Udwarthanam, a Perfect Healthy Body Massage with Herbal Powder

Udwarthanam is one of the best ayurvedic treatments that involve deep massage of body tissues with effective herbal powders. The word Udwarthanam comes from the combination of two Sanskrit terms; Urdhwa means upwards and vartham means to move. Due to the upward strokes given to the person in this procedure, it gets its name. It helps in relaxing body muscles while empowering your respiratory system. It helps in healing chest pain, back pain while providing strength to your internal organs too.

Why Choose Udwarthanam Powder Massage Therapy?

People suffering from body pain, dry and tanned skin and obesity should prefer Udwarthanam for quick results. One must carry out the procedure regularly and involve it in daily regimen for better outcome. This massage therapy opens the pour of hair in the body that helps you sweat well. It helps in rejuvenating body providing it strength plus flexibility.


How Udwarthanam Body Massage with Powder works?

Generally, the ayurvedic massage Udwarthanam is given in upward direction. This therapy is done in 7 postures for the best results. The natural powder used for this purpose is made up of herbs and grains which can be mixed with oil or can be used in its dry form also (as per requirement on the basis of body and health issue of the patient). Udwarthanam helps in opening the closed hair follicle so that your body can release excessive toxins or water though sweat. It helps in reducing weight and increasing oxygen in every cell of the body.

After getting this massage of Udwarthanam, you will have to take rest for half an hour followed by shower with warm water.

What Are the Benefits of Udwarthanam Powder Body Massage Therapy?

  • Gives shiny and radiant skin.
  • Removes dead cells from the skin
  • Reduces body pain and tiredness
  • Reduces obesity 
  • Gives natural glow to the body
  • Heal body pain yet empowers internal organs
  • Provide strength to Respiratory system
  • Increase sensitivity in skin

1500 INR per person

Duration: 60 Minutes (As Per Ayurvedic Doctor’s advice)

Whether you want to exfoliate your skin in a natural way or want to eradicate body pain, Udwarthanam is the best therapy you can go for. Moreover, you can ensure following benefits by receiving Udwarthanam treatment from an expert ayurvedic physician.

Udwarthanam Powder Body Massage Course –

Udwarthanam Powder Body Massage Course –

  • 3 Days Udwarthanam Therapy Course
  • Duration - 2 Hour/day
  • Cost - 10000 INR