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  • Sushumna, an Ayurvedic center and school, offering Basti/Enema treatment in Rishikesh, India that helps in getting great metabolism and healthy digestive system while cleaning intestine. Basti treatment known as of the part of Panchakarma, helps in treating chronic constipation producing joy and reducing stress. Medicated oil with herbs prepared and given to the person through the rectum then later it helps to clean intestine. There are multiple benefits of Basti that can be experienced only after the treatment therapy.
Basti or Enema Therapy

Basti Treatment; The Natural Way to Heal the Human Digestive System

Basti or Vasti (Enema Therapy) is an excellent ayurvedic treatment to heal the weakened digestive system. It is an herbal enema given for detoxification of intestines. In Sanskrit, Basti means bladder. In ancient times, this treatment was used to be exercised through bladder in animals; thus, the procedure got its name. Based on herbal enema that is given in this process; we understand Basti treatment in two ways.

Anuvasana Basti; includes oil as base of the herbal enema

Niruha Basti; includes herbal decoction made without oil

Why to opt for Basti or Enema Treatment?

One of the five therapy in Panchakarma treatment, Basti is the science of Ayurveda that help in producing healthy digestive system. People having weary digestive system, chronic constipation or any other metabolic problem should opt for this natural therapy. Basti or Enema Therapy also provide relief from body pain and spinal problems.

How Basti or Enema Therapy is Performed?

In this procedure, medicated oil with the help of herbs, pure ghee, oil, or milk etc. (based on the health problem of the patient) is prepared and administered in the body through the rectal route (can also be done through vaginal orifice, urethra or wound opening). Once the digestive system absorbs this herbal medicinal oil after being administered in the body, it begins to heal itself.


What are the Benefits of Basti/ Enema Therapy?

  • Treats spinal disorders like cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis
  • Brings physical and mental relaxation
  • Resolves paralysis
  • Improve efficiency of senses
  • Treats back pain and fatigue
  • Treats sleep disorders
  • Relief in stress, anxiety, and depression

800 INR per person

Duration: 15 Minutes (As Per Ayurvedic Doctor’s advice)

Basti when carried out by an expert physician of ayurveda can do wonders to help you with the spinal health problems plus provide you healthy digestive system while increasing your metabolism too.