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Ayurveda Consultation by Skill Ayurveda Practitioner in Rishikesh, India?

  • Ayurveda consultation facility is available in Sushumana by the Ayurveda Doctor who will diagnosis the Ayurvedic doshas and based on Ayurvedic doshas, you will be suggested and advice ayurvedic treatments. We provide treatment for several diseases yet Panchakarma treatment based on your element and tridoshas imbalance. .
Sushumana's Ayurveda Consultation

Ayurveda Doctor's Consultation Provided by Sushumana Based on Tridoshas!

Ayurveda Consultation in Sushumana Ayurveda, Rishikesh, India

Ayurveda, the oldest practice for treatment and consultation now again stand in a limelight. People, nowadays are choosing this holistic medicinal science over other medicine systems. The reason is quite obvious; Ayurveda has no side effects and it eliminates the root cause of the disease. Moreover, it is a completely safe medicinal system. Ayurveda works with the main aim to offer effective treatment for various diseases. It promotes better well-being. Ayurveda is a proven science with a great result in fighting against diseases and protecting from future mishaps.

Ayurveda Consultation at Sushumana Ayurveda starts with proper consultation with a well-professional Ayurvedic Doctor in Rishikesh. He will examine and try to figure out the root cause of your disease or illness with different Ayurveda Diagnostic methods. Some questions are also included in the consultation as they will give better insight into the illness or imbalances you are facing from. Also, it helps in getting clarity about what is happening in or with your body. After collecting complete information about your body type, the imbalance of doshas will be assessed.

After the assessment, the lifestyle guidelines will be given which help an individual to get recovered from the disease. Apart from Ayurvedic medicines; the proper diet, home remedies, yoga and exercises, and massage are advised to the patients. The Ayurvedic medicines or herbs need to be taken for a certain duration, followed by a specific diet for maximum relief. One should follow the advice of the Doctor.

ayurveda consultation in rishikesh

At Sushumana, you can consult with the best and most experienced Ayurveda Doctors and Therapists, well versed in many specialities. We give you the best consultation in Rishikesh. Ayurveda is also the best treatment over other medicinal systems as it treats naturally. It doesn't include heavy doses or huge medications. It connects you with nature. As per the disease or illness, we suggest medicines or massage. Massage and Therapies are also done at our Ayurveda Centre in Rishikesh with the use of medicated oils and herbs. Those who want to skip medicines or find them difficult to take can take the massage or therapy session at Sushumana. 

You will stay at Sushumana during your recovery period. That means, apart from consultation, medicines, and therapies; we will give you a proper diet and environment to stay in. During your stay, you will be advised to perform yoga. Excursions and outdoor activities are also included as they help you in getting relief from many types of illness.

The traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda is approx 5000 years old with the longest practiced medicinal system. Before all the modern tests like MRIs, CT Scans, ECGs, X-Rays, Blood Tests, and so; Ashtavida Parikshan was used to be done. It is an Ayurveda Eightfold process to examine the body. Still, this practice is done by many Ayurvedic doctors and consultants.

Ayurveda Ashtavid Parikshan

The Ashtavid Parikshan or Eightfold Process by Ayurveda includes:

  • Pulse Diagnosing the pulse determines the condition of an individual. The three doshas; Pitta, Vata, and Kapha are checked to know the current state and possibilities of an imbalance.
  • Urine Urine determines the important information about a person's health. It also reveals the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha conditions of an individual. Just like a urine routine test is done with chemicals, Ayurveda determines urine conditions with sesame oil.
  • Faeces Faeces reveals much about the digestive health of an individual. Doshas can be determined by Stools like Constipation indicates the presence of Vata, Loose Stools determines Vata, and Heavy stools indicate the presence of Kapha.
  • Tongue Examination of the tongue like its colour and shape tells the health of a person. Besides suggesting the presence, conditions, and imbalance of the doshas; the tongue also reveals the digestion of an individual.
  • Sounds in the body Have you ever noticed some sounds in your body? All these are the reason for the presence of Doshas. For example, Vata is determined by the Gurgling sound in the stomach or cracking sound in joints. Similarly, other doshas are also examined.
  • Eyes Incorrection or Imbalance of a dosha has an effect on the shape and colour of your eyes. Dry eyes indicated Vata, Watery eyes are because of Kapha, and Intense and Red or Yellow eyes occur due to the presence of Pitta.
  • NailsNails and Skin determine much about the health of an individual. Vata is examined with brittle nails and dry skin, Kapha is determined with thick & oily nails and Thick and soft skin, and Pitta is determined with Soft, flexible nails and rashes on the skin.
  • General appearance Your body shape, the texture of your hair, energy level, and so determines the dominance of Vata, Pitta or Kapha. It further helps in understanding the imbalance of the doshas.

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I was looking for a course that fits all my demands. I do not want to indulge in a complete learning course but also need instant benefits from it. Thanks to Sushumana for the best Ayurveda Teacher Training in the town. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the course.

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Aruna Malis


After going through various treatments and medicines, I was still unsatisfied with the recovery of my migraine issue. When I learn about Ayurveda, I found it pretty helpful and gave it a try at the Sushumana centre. I can not express how much it helped me. It relieves my headache problem to the core.

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Pritula Juli


Hey! Thank You Sushumana for your high rated Ayurveda in Rishikesh. Special Thanks to the dedicated team of experienced therapists who make the treatment program, the best one with their polite behaviour and quick response to all the queries and doubts.