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Book Your Shirodhara Oil Massage Therapy in Rishikesh, India

  • Ayurveda School, Sushumana is offering Shirodhara Treatment Therapy in Rishikesh, India along with other Ayurvedic therapies. Shirodhara therapy helps in reducing anxiety and depression for sure! In this procedure, the person who is getting this therapy gets herbal or natural oil pouring on the head/scalp. It is known as scalp massage that stimulate Ajna/Agya Chakra (Third Eye Chakra). People who struggling with ayurvedic Vaata & Pitta doshas can opt for Shirodhara Therapy to balance doshas. This Shirodhara process provide many benefits to the person who chooses the therapy. There are numerous benefits of this 30-60 minutes Shirodhara Treatment therapy.
Pouring Down The Herbal Oil

Shirodhara; 5000-Year-Old Ayurvedic Science for Rejuvenating the Nervous System

Are you looking for a complete natural way to get rid of depression, stress and anxiety? If yes, shirodhara is the way to rejuvenate the brain tissues and cleansing nervous system. Shirodhara word is made up of two terms; Shiro means the head and Dhara means to pour. The procedure involves pouring down the herbal oil on the scalp, hence it gets the name.

Why Shirodhara Treatment for Nervous System?

Shirodhara aka Oil scalp Massage treatment, People suffering from vatta and pitta dosha should prefer Shirodhara. Imbalanced vatta causes a person to undergo fear and anxiety while the one who suffers pitta dosha faces problems like frustration, irritation and anger. Shirodhara helps to improve this condition naturally. It brings mental peace to the person.


How Shirodhara Ayurvedic Therapy is Exercised?

Shirodhara begins with light Abhyangam i.e., body massage. The patient lay downs on the table and keeps the eyes closed to feel deep relaxation. Especially prepared herbal oil is then poured into the scalp slowly with care that the oil should not enter eyes or ears of the recipient. This procedure lasts for 30-60 minutes allowing the oil to saturate in the nervous system and brain of the patient. The ayurvedic physician may give gentle massage on head to the patient for inducing the process of oil absorption by nerves.

What are The Benefits Swedana Treatment Therapy

  • To treat sleep disorders such as insomnia, nightmares etc
  • Resolving depression, stress and anxiety
  • Balancing mental disorders like frustration, anger and irritation
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Treat dryness and provide smooth skull
  • Offer calmness and mindfulness
  • The capacity of brain increases
  • It stimulates your third eye chakra too

600 INR per person

Duration: 30 Minutes (As Per Ayurvedic Doctor’s advice)

Shirodhara is a proven way to offer relief from mental disorders as mentioned above. It helps in healing from mental trauma and depression. When processed as per ayurvedic doctor’s recommendation, the numerous benefits you would receive through Shirodhara treatment therapy.