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Book Pada Abhyangam the Ayurvedic Feet Massage Treatment

  • Sushumna offers Ayurvedic Pada Abhyangam as known as feet massage treatment therapy in Rishikesh, India. Through this procedure, all 5 merma points get stimulated while giving foot massage with natural oils. This massage therapy helps in balancing central nervous system yet healing treat for human body and mind. While this process is carried out with natural oils, it is suggested that Ghee (made of cow milk) is the best massage oil. It helps people look fresh and young that produces happiness within.
Foot Massage Therapy

Pada Abhyangam; the Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Feet

Pada Abhyangam is one of the best known ayurvedic treatments for feet. The process involves foot massage with the help of ayurvedic (natural) oils. It helps to balance of automatic nervous system through foot massage. According to ayurveda, there are total 107 marmas (vital areas of body) out of which 5 marmas are in each foot. Pada Abhyangam is the therapy stimulate all these marma points.

Why Pada Abhyangam or Foot Massage Therapy?

This ayurvedic foot massage therapy is not only about enhancing wellness of your feet but also about inducing your central nervous system for resolving the imbalance of nerves by imparting pressure on focal points of your feet. In this way, this ayurvedic treatment is for your whole body and mind which is given through foot.

How Pada Abhyangam or Foot Massage is Exercised?

Pada Abhyangam includes focusing on 5 marmas of each foot in a certain way with the help of natural oils such as sesame oil, coconut oil and olive oil in general while the best oils for this therapy are Ghee (Made of Cow milk), Panda Tailam, Mahamasha Tailum and Eranda tailam. It would start from toe towards the knee and reverse with gentle pressure while stimulating all the marma points.

This foot massage treatment focuses on legs, ankle joints and soles; even the bones, muscles and tendons are rubbed and massaged in a particular manner for expected results.


What are the Benefits Foot Massage aka Pada Abhyangam

  • Calming your body and mind
  • Promoting sound sleep.
  • Reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Resolving depression, hypertension, and insomnia.
  • Preventing sciatica 
  • Removing fatigue and enhancing flexibility of your feet.
  • Maintaining senses such as eye sight and hearing ability.

800 INR per person

Duration: 30 Minutes (As Per Ayurvedic Doctor’s advice)

Well, it is advised to Consult an ayurvedic doctor before the Pada Abhyangam treatment. To book an appointment with our Ayurvedic Doctor/Practitioner, kindly contact us.

Sushumana offers Ayurveda Courses in Rishikesh (the world capital of yoga) India and the ayurvedic treatments we offer have benefited many people in the world. Collectively, through Ayurveda, we are encouraging healthfulness and being grateful.