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Book Netra Tarpana Eye Treatment Therapy in Rishikesh, India

  • Sushumana is serving Netra Tarpana or ayurvedic Eye treatment therapy in Rishikesh, India. The Ayurveda school that offers ayurvedic courses also offer ayurvedic Eye therapy that helps in improving eye sight and give better vision. This eye treatment is carried out with pure ghee as it is considered as healing element in ayurveda. There are multiple benefits of Netra Trapana Eye therapy and it’s considered the most effective way to cure eye sight issues even it helps in curing eye problems weathers it’s related to vision or allergic problems.
Ayurvedic Eye treatment

Netra Tarpana; the Best Eye Healing Treatment in Ayurveda for You

Netra Tarpana, also known as Akshi Tarpana is an excellent ayurvedic treatment to secure your eye sight from getting weary. This Sanskrit term means eye-rehydration. In this kind of treatment, pure ghee or clarified butter is being used on your weary eyes as ghee is one of the best healing agents according to the science of ayurveda. This process is done in 3 stages Pre-treatment, main and post treatment. Though this process, one can restore their lost vision yet with some food recombination, the eye sight get literally improved.

Why to opt Netra Tarpana Treatment Therapy?

If your eyes become dehydrated or the eye-sight has been weakened due to aging factors, you can adopt the treatment of Netra tarpana. This ayurvedic treatment simply works by rejuvenating your eyes. This is how your optical nerves gets strong. In this way you can prevent eye related diseases like cataract. The procedure of this eye healing treatment will also give a cooling sensation to your eyes. Stress produces eyesight problem so if you are struggling with stress and think that your eyes are getting weaker and it’s needs to be treated, go for Netra Tarpana treatment.


How Netra Tarpana Treatment Therapy is carried out?

This therapy is carried out in a particular way an enclosure of black gram flour is created around your eyes. Within this enclosure, pure ghee or medicated oil is poured. This treatment is highly effective for treatment of various eye problems. The procedure is divided into three parts – pre-treatment, main treatment, and post treatment. Throughout the process, the therapist takes care of your eyes and provide the Netra Tarpana therapy in a way that it brings many eye related benefits as mentioned below.

What are the Benefits of Netra Tarpana Treatment Therapy?

  • It improves eye sight
  • You can restore eye sight if it became weak.
  • It strengthens the muscles of your eyes
  • It treats dry eye syndrome
  • Decreases burning sensation of eyes.
  • Healing eye related issue, provide relaxation
  • It reduces stress and cure insomnia

1000 INR per person

Duration: 30 Minutes (As Per Ayurvedic Doctor’s advice)

When Netra Tarpana aka Eye treatment therapy is carried out under the supervision of an expert Ayurvedic doctor, you will get numerous benefits as mentioned above. Consultation of a Ayurvedic doctor to practitioner is recommended.