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  • Schedule your appointment with Sushumana’s Ayurveda Doctor for Pizhichil treatment therapy in Rishikesh, India. In this squeezing body therapy, warm oil gets absorbed in the cotton bolus to pour it on the affected area by squeezing the cotton bolus. This Pizhichil treatment is best for muscle or join related problems though it can be used to provide relief body pain yet can increase metabolism and cure diabetes too. This treatment helps in treating acne and skin related issues yet provide healthy radiant skin. It helps in treating sexual problems yet arthritis & paralysis while providing balance to the body.
Squeezing Olis on body

Pizhichil; a Renowned PanchaKarma Therapy to Heal Human Body

Pizhichil; also known as ‘Thailadhara’ is one of the most popular Panchakarma treatments from Kerala. For its outstanding effect on body, it is called as the ‘king of the ayurvedic therapies.’ This Sanskrit term means squeezing the human body to get healed. In This process, the person will be given whole body hot warmer bath with oil though a cotton bolus while squeezing it over the counter. It helps effectively to treat muscle diseases and rejuvenate every cell in the affected area.

Why to Prefer Pizhichil Treatment Therapy?

With the help of Pizhichil treatment therapy you will get many unique benefits. Whether you wish to have a radiant and young skin or want to cure body pain, Pizhichil is the best ayurvedic treatment you should prefer. It helps for elimination of toxins from the body. The recipient of this ayurvedic therapy feels very relaxed and calm after the therapy.


How Pizhichil Treatment Therapy is Exercised?

This Pizhichil Therapy, an exclusive ayurvedic treatment utilizes a piece of linen cloth dipped into mild warm medicated oil. Then it is applied as well as squeezed over the diseased areas of human body. During the procedure the patient feels naturally comfortable. The process includes two therapies – Snehana and Swedana. Snehana means application of essential natural oils on the body while Swedana means to induce sweating in the body. The entire process lasts for 60 to 90 minutes which involves long strokes over the body.

What are The Benefits of Pizhichil Treatment Therapy?

  • It cures diabetes
  • Heals fractured bones of the body
  • It develops body muscles
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Make you look younger
  • Detoxification of the body
  • It nourishes your skin & reduce acne
  • Immediately heal fracture bones and broken muscles
  • Helps in reducing or even curing body ache
  • It helps to improve arthritis, paralysis, rheumatic pain, and sexual disorders.

2500 INR per person

Duration: 60 Minutes (As Per Ayurvedic Doctor’s advice)

Pizhichil treatment therapy should always be carried out under the instructions of an expert Ayurvedic doctor or practitioner. When processed properly, Pizhichil Treatment can be beneficial many ways as you have read above!