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  • Booking an appointment with Sushumana, The Ayurveda School, for Shirobhangyam Head Massage treatment in Rishikesh India. Shirobhangyam provide solutions to people struggling with anxiety and stress. Ayurveda identifies total 107 marmas i.e., vital points in the body out of which 12 marmas called as padu points are in the head and neck region. And this Shirobhangyam Head Massage treatment stimulate these 12 marma points to cure stress and anxiety resulted in producing heathy mind and you will see your grey hair turning into black. There are multiple benefits of Shirobhangyam Head Massage treatment and they are mentioned below.
Shirobhangyam Therapy

Shirobhangyam; An Effective Natural Therapy to Lead Stress Free Life

Shirobhangyam aka Head Massage has been recognized as best treatment for people who are suffering from anxiety and stress and people wants to avoid allopathic treatment. They want to avoid side-effect of chemical formula-based medicines for treatment of headache, depression, and dizziness. Yes, Ayurveda has solution for you and Shirobhangyam is the therapy. It is a special natural therapy in the form of head massage to treat mental problems and headache. Term Shirobhangyam is made up of two Sanskrit words - Shiro i.e., head and Abhangyam i.e., massage.

Why Take Shirobhangyam Head Massage Treatment?

Ayurveda science considers the human body as an inverted tree denoting the head as roots, torso as the trunk and legs as branches. Thus, head plays a crucial role to keep the body healthy like root nourishes the entire tree. Ayurveda identifies total 107 marmas i.e. vital points in the body out of which 12 marmas called as padu points are known to be located in the head and neck region. These points are induced during Shirobhangyam leaving the patient with mental clarity. It offers relief from depression, stress, neck pain, shoulder pain and headache.


How Shirobhangyam Head Massage Therapy is Processed?

The procedure of Shirobhangyam is combination of two Ayurvedic treatment therapies or head massage and carried out in two phases –

  • Shirodhara The especially prepared herbal oil is allowed to flow gently on scalp, head, forehead and neck.
  • Abhyangyam Gentle massage of scalp, head, forehead, neck, and shoulder region to allow the herbal oil take effect.

What are the Benefits of Shirobhangyam Treatment Therapy.

There are various benefits of Shirobhangyam such as:-

  • Rejuvenates central nervous system
  • Treats tinnitus, sinusitis and jaw ache
  • Increases blood circulation towards the brain
  • Brings calmness to head and mind
  • Stimulates hair growth and avoid grey hair, hair fall etc
  • Improves vision and treat eye refraction error

300 INR per person

Duration: 15-20 Minutes (As Per Ayurvedic Doctor’s advice)

Shirobhangyam Treatment, when carried out by an expert physician of ayurveda can do wonders to help you reducing stress, producing healthy mind that produces positivity while increasing your memory.

Contraindication of Shirobhangyam Head Massage Treatment Therapy.

Well, there are not much contraindication of Shirobhangyam Head Massage treatment but women with pregnancy in their last stage. Aslo people who are allergic to oils should consult the doctor.