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  • Schedule your Swedana Steam Treatment Therapy with Sushumana in Rishikesh, India. Steam Treatment aka Swedana therapy is one of the parts of Panchakarma Treatment that helps in detoxifying huma body while rejuvenating the body. Swedana Means sweating and in this process, your body is covered in the stream box, natural oil applied on your body. This procedure helps in increasing metabolism, providing flexibility yet balancing Vaata & Kapha Dosha. There are numerous benefits of Swedana steam massage and one of them is, this process empowers your circulatory system.
Steam Treatment

Swedana Steam Therapy Helps in Reducing Toxins from Your Body

Svedana or Swedana, the five Pancha-karma treatments or Ayurveda are well-known and proven for their good effects on health. Swedana, also known as body heating is one of them and used to remove toxins from your body. Sanskrit term swedana means sweating.

Why to opt Swedana Treatment Therapy?

With the help of swedana, one can improve the rate of metabolism in the body. It is a well-known cleansing cum stress relieving therapy known from the ancient time. Swedana can be carried out after oil massage or directly as per the requirement of the patient’s body. When conjoined with oil massage, it results in relaxation from muscular tension and nourishment of body tissues.

Also, it is a reliable natural therapy to increase the mobility of body joints.


How Swedana/Svedana Therapy is processed?

Swedana is processed in the form of steam bath simply by laying the person on the table. The recipient is allowed to sit in a chamber full of steam generated by heating herbal water. It induces sweating which results in releasing all the toxins out from the body. The procedure is followed by shower with lukewarm water mixed with herbs.

What are The Benefits Swedana Treatment Therapy

  • Removing toxins from your body
  • Inducing appetite
  • Increasing the rate of metabolism
  • Glowing complexion and soft skin
  • Flexible joints with ease of mobility
  • Relief from stress and fatigue
  • Regulated blood circulation
  • Eradicates vatta and kapha dosha

300 INR per person

Duration: 15-20 Minutes (As Per Ayurvedic Doctor’s advice)

Like rest of the Panchkarma treatment of ayurveda, Swedana has its numerous benefits as an individual treatment therapy too. When carried out properly by an ayurvedic doctor, the procedure can provide you endless benefits.